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Water Treatment

Water Quality TestingTesting the quality of your water regularly is an essential component to ensuring the safety and reliability of your drinking and household water. Even if you have a suspicion that your water should be treated, until you properly assess the specific problems and types of contamination present in your water source, the right treatment option cannot be accurately evaluated. Water testing is the only way to be certain that your water is safe to drink or if problems are present, and is the first step to determine what can be done to treat your water. We carry a range of water treatment options , and also offer water testing in London and Southwestern Ontario. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Blog - Treatment Options removing contaminantsYou would think that turning on your kitchen sink tap here in Canada would mean that you can easily fill your glass with clean, drinkable water, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. There are many reasons why common water contaminants, such as iron, sulphur, or calcium, are found in your drinking water, causing a range of problems from clogged plumbing to health concerns. If you are concerned about the quality of your household and drinking water, check out our water treatment options , or come by to get your water tested professionally.

Typical Causes of Water ContaminationWater contamination is often thought to be caused by the leeching of chemicals or some unnatural occurrence. While this is certainly the case in many instances, most forms of water contamination are simply due to naturally occurring minerals being present in your water source, which may cause deposits that clog your pipes or affect your health, when consumed in excess. Sulfur, for example, is found in rainwater as well as most rocks and soils types and is easily dissolved by water when groundwater moves through the soil.