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Well Pumps

What size pressure tank is best for your well?Whether you are installing a new well or upgrading your current pressure tank, taking the time to calculate the best size of pressure tank for your well will ensure that your pump performance is optimized and sustained for as long as possible. There’s a reason that pressure tanks come in many different sizes, and it has to do with the fact that every situation is unique and demands for water pressure tanks will vary significantly based on your location, depth of well, type of pump, along with the desired usage for your water.

Gone are the days when well water was manually pumped, but with greater efficiency comes a much larger selection. Depending on the location, depth and intended use of your well, selecting a well pump requires bringing together a number of different pieces of information in order to know which type, size, make and model will work best for you. We carry a wide selection of water pumps for various applications. You may be looking for a new pump installation or your current model may not be providing you with enough water. Contact us to assist you.

oldpumpWell pumps have come a long way since the one in this photo, and there are a wide range of pump sizes, types, and models when it comes to determining which pump is best to suit your needs. Generally speaking, however, when looking for a well pump, you are likely looking at either a jet pump for shallow or deep well purposes or a submersible pump for a deep well. We are proud to carry one of the largest inventories of pumps and parts in Southwestern Ontario, and you can view our shallow well and deep well pumps by clicking here. We can ship anywhere, so even if you find yourself in Hamilton, Mississauga, Ottawa, or even Nova Scotia, you have access to our large inventory through convenient shipping.