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Seal Bearings prevent pump failureThere are a number of components within the pump system that have to work together to optimize a pump’s performance. The seal bearing is an important part of the internal design that facilitates the operation of your pump. Seal bearing may serve a simple purpose, but this simple purpose is one of the most important elements of maintaining your pump’s working condition. Seal bearings play the integral role in reducing the amount of foreign particles that are prone to contaminating your pump. Without a seal bearing, the lubricant of your pump would collect dust and other particles and clog the entire system. Keeping your seal bearing in good condition will ensure that your pump will remain in great working order. The main objective is to reduce the friction on your seal bearing in order to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. We carry a wide range of pumps and electric motors. If you would like your pump or electric motor serviced, we also offer onsite and in-shop repair and maintenance, so contact us to schedule your appointment.

Keep your lube bearings in great working conditionKeeping the components of your electric machines in proper condition is absolutely necessary and can only be fully accomplished through being sure that each and every aspect of the pump and motor is in great working order. According to an estimate made by a study from API (American Petroleum Industry), about 50% of the defects in the pumps and motors are caused due to the improper lubrication of the bearings fitted inside the machine. Almost every electronic device contains bearings, and these important mechanical components is the cause of almost every major failure in electric motors. Keeping your lube bearings in top condition does not take a lot of time, but can reduce the amount of time that your electric motor or pump is in the shop getting repaired.