Diaphragm Pump Sales and Service Specialists

London Pump Supply Ltd. proudly supplies, repairs and services quality pump products from the world’s leading pump manufacturers.

Diaphragm Pump Sales and Service

Based in London, Ontario, London Pump Supply Ltd. has proudly supplied and repaired diaphragm pumps across Southwestern Ontario since 1992. These pumps are referred to as either “diaphragm pumps” or “air operated double diaphragm pumps” (AODD). Diaphragm pumps are self-priming and function well with gritty, thick or corrosive substances and liquids.

Diaphragm pumps and how they work

Diaphragm pumps contain air pressurized diaphragms and inlet and outlet check valves instead of impellers. The liquid is pumped using a reciprocating diaphragm that is operated by a solenoid, a fluid drive or a mechanical drive.

Diaphragm pumps are truly self-priming and do not require any fluid to be present in the pump to pick up its lift. Maximum suction lift can be as high as 20 feet or more depending on the pump.

Applications for diaphragm pumps

Diaphragm pumps are highly versatile. As they use diaphragms and do not have mechanical seals, they can be used with liquids that are acidic or have a high viscosity. The construction of the diaphragms depend on the type of liquid being moved.

As diaphragm pumps do not have impellers which can get clogged up, they are able to pass solids. Depending on the size of solid being passed, different port sizes can be used.

Most pumps, especially centrifugal pumps, cannot be run dry due to the need for the mechanical seal to be lubricated. As diaphragm pumps do not have mechanical seals and use diaphragms to move the liquid, they can be run dry without damage. This makes them ideal for applications that have low or varying flow rates coming into the pump.

Advantages of diaphragm pumps

There are many advantages to using diaphragm pumps such as liquids with high acidity or viscosity, low flow applications, suction lift requirements, solids passing requirements and their ability to be able to run dry.

As diaphragm pumps are air operated and do not require power, they offer an economical benefit in terms of hydro consumption.