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Fountain / Dewatering Pump Sales and Service

London Pump Supply Ltd. has been London, Ontario and the surrounding region’s preferred supplier and repair service provider for fountain and dewatering pumps for over 35 years.

Fountain or dewatering pumps are submersible pumps that can be used for either high volume or high pressure applications which makes them ideal for dewatering pits or fountain and pond applications.

Fountain / dewatering pumps and how they work

Depending on the specific dewatering need, there are a range of sizes of fountain/dewatering pumps. They are typically submersible pumps, however for construction dewatering, can be powered by a gas engine. These types of pumps work to move water, to increase water flow or to remove water from undesirable locations.

The most important thing is to ensure that you have the proper size pump in order to circulate or remove the water at the right speed and pace. Contact London Pump Supply Ltd. to discuss your specific application to learn how to calculate the right size fountain/dewatering pump for your needs.

Most fountain or dewatering pumps will have a guard with holes in it around the bottom where the suction is to protect the pump from sucking up larger objects like stones and rocks that can clog the impellers.

Applications for fountain / dewatering pumps

Dewatering is the process of removing water from a location and are often found on a construction site, a riverbed, etc., where the building construction will be below the water table level. In these cases, a submersible pump can remove the water prior to the commencement of the construction project or during it.

In many mining projects, large dewatering pumps are used to remove the incoming surface water away from the mining areas. As many minerals being mined are corrosive (i.e. salt and limestone) , these pumps can be constructed from stainless steel to increase life span.

For construction projects in remote locations where power is limited or where large solids need to pass (i.e. rocks, sticks, etc.), a gas powered dewatering pump can be used (often called trash pumps). These pumps are not submersible.

Fountain pumps are excellent for water gardens, fish ponds or fountains, where the water needs to be kept moving in order to prevent stagnation. In a pond, the underwater ecosystem depends on water movement in order to thrive and either submersible pumps or external pumps are possible solutions. However submersible pumps tend to require less maintenance and as they are submersed under the water, they are typically preferred for aesthetic reasons.