Sewage, Effluent and Grinder Pump Sales and Service Specialists

London Pump Supply Ltd. proudly supplies, repairs and services quality pump products from the world’s leading pump manufacturers.

Sewage, Effluent and Grinder Pump Sales and Service

For over 35 years, London Pump Supply Ltd. has been providing sales and repair services to sewage, effluent and grinder pumps throughout Southwestern Ontario. These pumps are used in residential, commercial or industrial applications and are designed to handle sewage, effluent and solids. Grinder pumps have cutting teeth impellers to chew up the solids.

Sewage and grinder pumps and how they work

Sewage and effluent pumps are submersible pumps that protect the motor with a sealed compartment that can be submersed into the liquid that is being pumped. Most effluent and sewage pump motors are electric and can be used in basements or any below-ground level area where sewage drains need support or have to run uphill.

Features of sewage and grinder pumps

  • A grinder pump will shred and chop sewage so it is ground to a fine slurry that can be pumped through a 1-1/4’’ line.
  • Most grinder pumps come with 1-1/4” discharge.
  • Sewage pumps however uses a “deep vane” or “vortex” impeller to pass wastewater solids of 2” and up and come in discharge sizes of 2” and up.
  • Many industrial applications run a duplex system (2 sewage or grinder pumps) which requires a control panel to alternate the pumps and has a high water alarm.
  • An alarm is important to ensure that the user is notified of any required maintenance or repairs with the plumbing shutting down until the work is complete.