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Heating & Cooling Pumps

London Pump Supply Ltd. carries a large inventory of Bell & Gossett, Taco, Grundfos, and Armstrong heating pumps.

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Bell & Gossett Series PL pumps

Bell & Gossett - Series PL
A Superior Alternative to Wet Rotor Pumps

These in-line circulators are quiet and reliable. They are ideal for residential and light commercial heating and potable water systems.

Features and benefits include:

  • maintenance-free
  • handles dirty water conditions with ease
  • rugged, compact design
  • 25% more efficient than its competition
  • close-coupled dry motor
Bell & Gossett Series 80 pumps

Bell & Gossett Series 80

Applications: Hydronic heating and cooling systems for general and industrial applications.

The Series 80 (available in bronze-fitted and all-iron construction) is an efficient, heavy-duty, and close-coupled pump designed for horizontal and vertical in-line mounting. Internally-flushed BUNA/Carbon ceramic seals are standard features that provide five times the flushing flow, as compared to pumps which are designed with externally-flushed seals. The Series 80 pump is available in 175# and 250# working pressure and split-coupled designs.

Key features:

  • discharge size: 1 1/2" to 8"
  • H.P.: 1/4 h.p. to 60 h.p.
  • flows to: 2,500 g.p.m.
  • heads to: 380 ft.
Grundfos Hot Water Circulator Pump

Grundfos UPS hot water circulator pumps

These pumps are large 3-speed wet rotor circulators. They feature an integrated pump and motor design ensuring greater ease of installation and durability. Maintenance free and whisper-quiet, these pumps have a speed switch on the motor that can be adjusted to the needs of the application, improving pump efficiency and reducing energy consumption.  Available in a variety of materials and sizes, the Grundfos UPS Series is the ideal choice for a wide range of commercial applications.

These pumps are large 3-speed wet rotor circulators. They are maintenance free and whisper-quiet. The motorcan be adjusted to the needs of the application.


  • Heating systems
  • Hot-water systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Air Conditioning
Taco Water Circulation Pumps

Taco Water Circulation products

This complete line of heating units include circulators, pumps and accessories typically used for the circulation of water for heat transfer in a wide range of residential and light commercial applications. Taco water circulation products are available in a variety of materials including bronze, cast iron and stainless steel in capacities ranging from 3 GPM to more than 5000 GPM.  Product styles and configurations include 3-piece circulators, in-line circulators, horizontal split case pumps, verticle multi-stage pumps and many others.  

Applications Include:

  • Hydronic Heating
  • Radiant In-Floor/Panel Heating
  • Indirect Domestic Water Heating
  • Solar Heating
  • Heat Recovery
  • Water Source Heat Pumping
  • Domestic Water Recirculation
  • Chilled Water Cooling Systems
  • Water Supplies
Bell & Gossett Series 1510 Pumps

London Pump Supply Ltd. installs and services all makes, models and sizes of heating pumps including base-mounted and split casing pumps.


Bell & Gossett Series 1510
Base-Mounted End-Suction Pumps

Base-mounted, end-suction Series 1510 pumps are available in bronze-fitted and all-iron material configurations. The combination of an integrally cast volute foot and center drop-out spacer coupling offers true back pullout capability, ensuring efficient and affordable maintenance. A welded steel baseplate and internally-flushed mechanical seal are standard features on this pump.

Key features:

  • discharge size: 1 1/4" to 8"
  • H.P.: 1/2 h.p. to 150 h.p.
  • flows to: 4,000 g.p.m.
  • heads to: 500 ft.
Bell & Gossett – Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Bell & Gossett – Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

These units are ideal for residential and light commercial hydronic systems because they provide maximum heat dissipation from a compact, lightweight heat exchanger. Their efficient design allows them to provide more heat transfer using less space, making them well suited to a variety of installations including:

  • radiant floor heating
  • snow melt systems
  • domestic hot water heating
  • swimming pool heating
Bell & Gossett Series HSC3 Split Case Pumps

Bell & Gossett - Series HSC3 Split Case Pumps

The double-suction, base-mounted Series HSC3 pumps have a bronze-fitted construction with a maximum working pressure of 175 psig. They feature internally self-flushing mechanical seals for maximum lubrication, debris removal, and heat dissipation. The pump bearings and mechanical seals can be serviced without disturbing the upper casing half, piping connections, or electrical motor connections.


  • hydronic heating and cooling systems
  • general and industrial service

Discharge size: 2" to 10"
HP: through 300 h.p.
Flows to: 6500 g.p.m.
Heads to: 400 ft.

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We also carry the following types of pumps for various applications:

  • well pumps
  • pool pumps
  • gear pumps
  • chemical feed pumps
  • heating pumps
  • diaphragm pumps
  • sump pumps
  • centrifugal pumps
  • sprinkler pumps
  • hot tub pumps
  • gas driven pumps
  • utility pumps
  • end suction pumps
  • pressure washer pumps
  • sewage pumps
  • pump motors
  • self-priming pumps
  • spa pumps
  • hand pumps
  • fountain pumps
  • laundry tub pumps
  • irrigation pumps
  • grinder pumps
  • belt driven pumps