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Industrial Pumps

London Pump Supply Ltd. specializes in industrial pump installation and service. With over 30 years of experience in the pump and electric motor industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to accurately identify the correct sizes and performance features required for pumps installed in industrial buildings, including but not limited to: hospitals, universities, colleges, high-rise office complexes and apartment buildings, plants, factories, and agricultural buildings. Our service department prides itself on providing quick, accurate service to minimize your industrial downtime.

Some of our industrial pump suppliers include:

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Here are a few examples of industrial pumps we carry:

Variable Speed Pressure Boosting Packages

Variable Speed Pressure Boosting PackagesWe also supply packaged variable speed pumping systems built to your design specifications, based on your application and needs.    Our variable drive duplex systems will boost water pressure in commercial buildings to meet the flow and head requirements during the day and night.  Typical applications include hot and/or cold water pressure boosting applications for schools, hospitals, municipalities, high-rise, large and small residential, assembly lines, factories, plants, lift stations and other commercial buildings. 

Variable speed drives typically save energy compared with other techniques for flow control.  Duplex units minimize downtime as standby units will function for non-operating units. 

Condensate Return Pumps and Packages

Weinman Condensate Return Unit

Weinman Condensate Return Unit

Bell & Gossett Condensate Return Pump – Series CBE

Bell & Gossett Condensate Return Pump – Series CBE

Condensate return systems are designed for the automatic return of hot water condensation from radiators and heating coils and the delivery of those fluids to low and high pressure boilers. Simplex and duplex units are available to meet your specifications.  Call our pump experts today to fit your application with the proper system.


Grundfos Multi-Stage In-line Pumps

Grundfos Multi-Stage In-line Pumps

Grundfos CR multi-stage pumps 

The basic CR pump range is available in four different materials: cast iron, two grades of stainless steel, and all-titanium. CR pumps provide a complete range of pump solutions so that all applications, industrial and domestic, can benefit from the Grundfos touch.


  • Process water systems
  • Washing and cleaning systems
  • Seawater systems
  • Pumping of acids and alkalis
  • Ultrafiltration systems
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Swimming baths.

This series of pump is available in a wide range of sizes.  It comes in 11 flow sizes and hundreds of pressure sizes, ensuring that you can always find exactly the right pump for the job.

Goulds G&L Pumps SSH Series
316 Series Stainless Steel End
Suction Pumps

GL Pumps Series S&M Group

Goulds G&L SSH Series
– 316 Series Stainless Steel End Suction Pumps


  • Water circulation
  • Booster systems
  • Liquid transfer
  • HVAC pump replacements
  • General service pumping

H.P. 1 h.p. to 100 h.p.
Flows to: 4,600 g.p.m.
Heads to: 500 ft

BERKELEY Close-Coupled
End-Suction Pumps

berkleley close coupled end suction pumps

BERKELEY Close-Coupled End-Suction Pumps

BERKELEY Close-Coupled End-Suction Pumps are ideal for most applications requiring high performance, easy maintenance and moderate initial cost. Cast Iron construction with unique back pull-out design permits access to the impeller without disturbing the piping.

Key features:

  • Four-Position Discharge
  • Premium-Grade Motors
  • Motor Bracket
  • Maintenance-Free Shaft Seal
  • Replaceable Bronze Wear Ring
  • Superior Impeller
  • Heavy-Duty Voute Case
  • Durable Finish

H.P. 1 h.p to 75 h.p.
Flows to: 4400 g.p.m.
Heads to: 400 ft.

Deming Vertical Process Pumps


Deming Vertical Process Pumps

Deming Vertical Process pumps are space saving, always primed with cantilever shaft, no submerged bearings and have a broad capacity range.  They can be ordered with or without motors.  

Key features:    

  • Vertically split casing with end suction design
  • Heavy duty, one piece cast iron  power frame
  • Extension lengths available to 15”

Discharge size:  1” – 10”
H.P. through 75
Flows: to 3600 g.p.m.
Heads: to 150 ft

We also carry the following types of pumps for various applications:

  • well pumps
  • pool pumps
  • gear pumps
  • chemical feed pumps
  • heating pumps
  • diaphragm pumps
  • sump pumps
  • centrifugal pumps
  • sprinkler pumps
  • hot tub pumps
  • gas driven pumps
  • utility pumps
  • end suction pumps
  • pressure washer pumps
  • sewage pumps
  • pump motors
  • self-priming pumps
  • spa pumps
  • hand pumps
  • fountain pumps
  • laundry tub pumps
  • irrigation pumps
  • grinder pumps
  • belt driven pumps