Adjusting your well pump pressure to optimize performance

When it comes to water well pumps, there are a number of problems that can arise due to improper pump pressure. In fact, it can be argued that pump pressure issues is a major cause when it comes to the failure of the water pump. Sometimes, people desire more pressure to their pump and change the setting without ensuring that their type, make and model can endure this increased output. Paying attention to this fact can help prolong the life of the pump because it is possible to adjust the well pump pressure to ensure that your well pump and its motor is continually operating as optimally as possible.

When pump pressure problems start to occur, it can then lead to other issues. As a result, making sure you increase the efficiency of the pump at the first sign of pump pressure is critical to elongating its operational life and maintaining an ongoing level of ideal performance. The other option is to get in touch with a professional. We are a licensed well contractor and have trained and certified technicians to address your needs. Learn more by clicking here, or contact us directly. We carry a wide range of water pumps, pressurized tanks, and sump and sewage pumps, for various applications.

The first step in optimizing the pressure of the water well pump is to be aware of the exact volume of the pressure tank along with the capacity of your pump. With this information in mind, the optimal measurement at which the pressure should be set is easy to check and ensure that this setting is maintained, whether by researching the information with your original receipt of purchase and corresponding paperwork or through speaking with a professional.

If more water pressure is desired, it is important to ensure that the capacity of the pump can withhold such an increase. If you are at all uncertain as to optimal pressure settings for your water pump, just check with a professional to be sure that your current setting and any desired adjustments are optimizing your pump’s performance. Every make and model of a well pump has a pressure level at which maximum efficiency is maintained, and finding out this critical but simple piece of information is the first step to ensuring that your well water pressure is set to produce effective results that also maximize the life of your water pump.

Once you have identified the optimal level of pressure for your pump, changing the setting to this level will not only improve the pressure quality but also reduce strain on your entire well pump system. It is generally a good idea to keep at least 20 psi between the lower and upper limits, but confirm this with your pump professional with your specific situation in mind. When changing any setting, be sure to watch the gauge for at least 4 to 5 water cycles to be sure that the pump and pressure are fully operational.

If you have specific questions about your make and model, give us a call here at London Pump Supply Ltd. We look forward to helping you with your needs and ensuring that your pump pressure is at its optimal levels for long-term use and reduction of maintenance needs down the road.