End Suction Pump Sales and Service Specialists

London Pump Supply Ltd. proudly supplies, repairs and services quality pump products from the world’s leading pump manufacturers.

End Suction Pump Sales and Service

For over 35 years, London Pump Supply Ltd. has provided dependable, high-quality end suction pump sales, replacement and repair services throughout Southwestern Ontario. We stock and carry a range of different end suction pumps, pump ends, motors and parts including impellers, seals (e.g. viton, silicon carbide, tungsten) and gaskets for prompt supply and repair.

What is an end suction pump?

End suction pumps are a centrifugal pump enclosed in a casing, with suction drawing liquid in one end through to the discharge at the top. These pumps can range in size from small to very large (1/2 HP to 50+ HP) and can be closed coupled with the impeller attached to the motor shaft or coupler driven where the pump shaft and the motor shaft are joined by a coupler. Typical applications include: heating and cooling, pressure boosting, liquid transfer and water supply.

End suction pumps come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, designs and are often the most economical configuration for centrifugal pumps. They can process high-pressure and high-temperature liquids, corrosive chemicals, and a range of different types of liquids. Typically, end suction pumps have one impeller and a volute-type casing and are available in cast iron or stainless steel. Depending on the liquid being pumped, different construction materials and seals are required.

Most end suction pumps are built with closed faced impellers. However, some end suction pumps are made with open faced impellers which allow the pump to pass small solids. Open face impellers typically pass more gallons than closed faced impellers but do not produce as much pressure.

Applications for end suction pumps

End suction pumps come in such a wide variety of sizes and are commonly used for a range of different residential, commercial, and industrial applications, including heavy duty industrial applications. Examples of these are plants and factories, municipalities, hospitals, schools, high rise residential and commercial buildings, food processing, chemical applications, as well as many others.

For applications using chlorine, end suction pumps can be epoxy coated to prevent erosion. This is often seen in commercial pool applications.

Advantages of end suction pumps

Depending on the specific size and application, end suction pumps often make an economical and reliable choice, especially because there are a number of iron or plastic options. Stainless steel and other materials can offer corrosion resistance.