Fire Pump Repair Specialists

London Pump Supply Ltd. proudly supplies, repairs and services quality pump products from the world’s leading pump manufacturers.

Fire Pump Repair Service

London Pump Supply Ltd. is an experienced service repair facility for all makes and models of fire pumps that are currently installed in commercial, industrial and high density residential buildings in Southwestern Ontario. Fire pump units are installed as part of a building fire sprinkler system’s water supply and is the essential component that sends water through the system or through to manual hose bibs in commercial, industrial and apartment building settings.

Fire pumps and how they work

Fire pumps are typically powered by an electric or diesel motor, in addition to an emergency generator for power outages. When fully operational and in good condition, fire pumps respond to a sprinkler’s detection of heat, delivering water quickly and with enough pressure to ensure that the sprinklers can operate immediately in the case of an emergency.

Applications for fire pumps

Fire pump units are required in a number of commercial, industrial and residential structures depending on local building codes. They are particularly common in multi-level and high rise buildings, where upper levels are not easily accessible for the local supply, or in applications where an immediate response to fire is required.

Features of fire pumps

Fire pumps are centrifugal pumps and often come as base-mounted, horizontal split case or vertical turbine. We supply and service all these types of fire pumps.

Fire pumps are an essential but rarely used component of a building’s emergency fire sprinkler system. Because fire pumps are not used often but are required to be in top condition, regular maintenance and service checks are essential and in some cases required. Infrequent use of these systems causes quick erosion and seizure and requires them to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure proper function.

We provide regular maintenance and repair services for fire pumps to ensure that they are in proper working order in case of emergency, in accordance with the detailed requirement of the CSA (Canadian Standards Association). Regular maintenance may also be required by your building’s insurance company.