Dealing with a waterlogged pressure tank

When your pressure tank is running almost continuously, it might be a sign that it is waterlogged. Not addressing the issue will ultimately lead to the motor and pump failure as a result of ongoing operation, so it’s important to keep a close eye on your pressure tank to ensure that the pump is running at normal intervals. A waterlogged pressure tank can be a serious issue that requires professional attention, but it’s a good idea to understand what might cause the waterlogged pressure tank in the first place to assess the best course of action. We are experienced and trained technicians, so contact us for any advice on maintenance or repair.

A waterlogged tank means that air in the tank is being replaced with water rather than air. If the problem is still occurring, there are a couple of other things you can check, but it may mean that the tank needs professional attention and/or has a bad bladder, if it’s a bladder type air pre-charged tank, and would require replacing. The pre-pressurized water tanks at London Pump Supply Ltd. are the Well-Rite tanks by Flexon Industries, and their solid, stainless steel construction and patented controlled action diaphragm (CAD), effectively reducing the need for maintenance.

Despite regular maintenance, waterlogging can occur from time to time. One common solution to the problem might be to check whether the air valve is malfunctioning or whether it is corroded or worn out. You can check the air valve for leaks by filling it up and seeing if there is any released air or hissing sounds emerging from the tank. If this is the case, the air valve can be removed to allow the water to drain out prior to replacing the air valve.

If the air pre-charge is not set properly and should be higher, the tank will fill with water (or become waterlogged). Because the water is not being pushed out of the tank, the pump will short cycle, which will result in the overheating of the pump motor. Short cycling also occurs if the air pre-charge is too high.

The almost continual cycling of the well pump might also be a sign that the well pump is malfunctioning. If the draining of the water in your pressure tank still results in decreased performance, you may wish to have this checked by a professional. At London Pump Supply Ltd., we pride ourselves on giving the best service and advice. Give us a call if your pump is waterlogged and we’ll walk you through your options.