How often should you have your electric motor serviced?

Electric motors are found everywhere, and we rely on them daily for a variety of functions. The basic mechanics of a DC motor is converting one form of energy to another (for instance, converting electric energy into mechanical energy in order for this mechanical energy to be used to carry out certain tasks, such as filling the water tank in our home). While there are different types of electric motors to serve different purposes, from household to industrial use, there’s one thing that all electric motors have in common: they all need to be serviced . We rely on electric motors for daily purposes more than we think, and having them serviced regularly increases their performance and extends their working life.

In order to maximize the performance of your electric motor, you need to understand how the system works and what aspects would contribute to efficient performance. But don’t feel it’s something you have to do yourself. Oftentimes, taking your electric motor to the right professional is the preferred option, even if it’s just a matter of assessing the maintenance needs of your particular electric motor.

The frequency of services depends on a variety of factors, including the age of your electric motor, the type, and how often it has been serviced in the past. It also depends on the cycle of the electric motor, or how often it’s working. The demands on the system will have a significant effect, and is not something that is standard across the board.

As mentioned, every electric motor is different, and this will affect how often it should be serviced. Regular servicing of your electric motor helps identify small issues that have the capacity to evolve into larger ones. Something very common, such as dust buildup, can lead to serious problems on the entire system. Small dust particles can get deposited within the system, accumulating in the capacitor, which causes it to work a lot harder to provide the same amount of efficiency. This has a chain reaction on the other components and can ultimately affect the motor itself.

There are a number of maintenance approaches that can help analyse and identify the components of your electric motor to ensure that it is performing at an optimized level. Preventive maintenance, for example, refers to the idea that minimal but regular, pre-determined maintenance tasks can prevent larger failures. This is based on the principle that most electric motor issues are based on age-related breakdowns, and that by employing this preventative maintenance approach, these smaller issues can be identified early enough to avoid causing a major issue down the road.

At London Pump Supply Ltd., we offer a wide reange of electric motors and servicing options to help keep your electric motor in the best working condition. We provide both onsite or in-shop repair and service. We have a 6,000 square foot onsite facility to meet the demands of any type of repair or service, so get in touch with us today to schedule a time to discuss your maintenance needs. All of our technicians are trained, certified, and here to provide you will timely and professional service.