How seal bearings prevent pump failure

There are a number of components within the pump system that have to work together to optimize a pump’s performance. The seal bearing is an important part of the internal design that facilitates the operation of your pump. Seal bearing may serve a simple purpose, but this simple purpose is one of the most important elements of maintaining your pump’s working condition. Seal bearings play the integral role in reducing the amount of foreign particles that are prone to contaminating your pump.

Without a seal bearing, the lubricant of your pump would collect dust and other particles and clog the entire system. Keeping your seal bearing in good condition will ensure that your pump will remain in great working order. The main objective is to reduce the friction on your seal bearing in order to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. We carry a wide range of pumps and electric motors. If you would like your pump or electric motor serviced, we also offer onsite and in-shop repair and maintenance, so contact us to schedule your appointment.

If your seal bearing is flaking or subject to corrosive materials, this can have an adverse reaction to the function of your pump. Even basic defects due to a low quality seal bearing can cause your pump to fail, which is why it’s always a good idea to invest in high quality products and have your pump serviced by a professional on a regular basis.

There are a lot of measures that can be taken in order to prevent pump failure, but investing in a high quality seal bearing is a great place to start. The design and type of material of the seal bearing will affect the overall operation of the pump. The quality will either reduce or increase friction, depending on the materials and whether or not it is installed correctly. A lot of the new seal bearings on the market feature low-maintenance designs and high quality materials. Keeping your pump on a regular maintenance program will also help ensure the maintenance of every component of the pump, including the seal bearings.

With one of the largest inventories for pump parts and accessories in Southwestern Ontario, we carry only the top brands and can help you identify which seal bearing is right for your pump. Our trained and certified technicians are on hand and ready to help with all your installation and service needs. We also have a 6,000 square foot facility, complete with a full-service shop, so get in touch with us today.