How to determine the right type of well pump for your application

Gone are the days when well water was manually pumped, but with greater efficiency comes a much larger selection. Depending on the location, depth and intended use of your well, selecting a well pump requires bringing together a number of different pieces of information in order to know which type, size, make and model will work best for you. We carry a wide selection of water pumps for various applications. You may be looking for a new pump installation or your current model may not be providing you with enough water. Contact us to assist you.

Regardless of your situation, here’s what you need to know before we can help you select the type of well pump you need:

1) How deep is your well?

2) What is the diameter of the well or casing?

3) What is the typical static water level, or how far down does the water sit from the top of the well?

4) What size of pump and pumping rate do you need?

You can always contact us directly for expert advice and recommendations. In terms of the size of your pump, the key information to evaluate is based on the intended usage to determine how much water your home or industrial space will require. If you are using the water for irrigation, the desired pressure and gallons per minute is important to know, as well as the number of sprinklers or heads you have. For residential wells, when speaking with us here at London Pump Supply Ltd., we will help you determine your water needs by asking questions such as how large your home is, how many fixtures, outdoor fixtures, and appliances you typically use to help you calculate the number of gallons per minute that your pump will need to supply.

To replace an existing pump, check out what type of pump you have and its size. If you have a pump that is either aboveground or is located in your basement, you have a jet pump. You can view some of our pumps by clicking here. A shallow well jet pump is identified when it has one pipe going into the well, and two pipes indicates that the type of well pump that you have is a deep well jet pump. Oftentimes, a jet pump works with a pressure tank, so if you are having problems with your jet pump, you may wish to check to see if your pressure tank is working properly first. A pressure tank may also be connected to a submersible pump, which is identified by a single pipe coming from within your well and into your residence or industrial location.

Once you’ve determined whether your well pump is submersible or a jet pump (and if so, which type), take a look to see if you can find the size of your current pump. Depending on whether or not you are happy with how often the pump runs, you may wish to get one with more horsepower, but it’s a good idea to know what size your current pump is before deciding which type of new pump you’ll need. On a jet pump, the horsepower should be located on the identification plate. For a submersible pump, check the original paperwork or, if this is not available, you can try to remove the pump from the well, but only with great care and caution. If your pump is submersible, you will also need to check whether it has two or three wires as a three wire pump also requires an exterior control panel. You can head to our water pumps section or get in touch with us directly for more information on the high quality pumps we carry.