How to keep your lube bearings in great working condition

Keeping the components of your electric machines in proper condition is absolutely necessary and can only be fully accomplished through being sure that each and every aspect of the pump and motor is in great working order. According to an estimate made by a study from API (American Petroleum Industry), about 50% of the defects in the pumps and motors are caused due to the improper lubrication of the bearings fitted inside the machine. Almost every electronic device contains bearings, and these important mechanical components is the cause of almost every major failure in electric motors. Keeping your lube bearings in top condition does not take a lot of time, but can reduce the amount of time that your electric motor or pump is in the shop getting repaired.

Methods of keeping lube bearings in good condition:

Lube bearings refer to the type of bearings that require a form of lubrication to reduce the friction between the neighbouring surfaces and are common components of many pumps and their electric motors. Following the manufacturer’s instructions closely will instruct as to the required lubrication levels and scheduled maintenance of lube bearings, which is essential to maintaining the life of the entire machine and avoiding future problems. Incorrect lubrication, whether through the improper amount of lubrication or the contamination of a lubrication, can be a serious issue that can cause failure to a machine.

In many cases, over oiling is as bad as not providing enough lubrication, so paying close attention to required levels is absolutely crucial. When maintaining and installing lube bearings, it is essential that some basic knowledge is acquired as to the best type, proper application and appropriate amount of lubrication, and how often this needs to be maintained. In the case of pumps and electric motors, silicone lubricants are often very useful because they not only resist the water, but are also more efficient when it comes to not altering their painted surface. When in doubt, it is worthwhile checking the manufacturer’s suggestions before selecting a lubrication. The bearings need to be protected from dust and debris in order to be certain that the lube bearings are working optimally.

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