Floats, Alarms and Accessories

London Pump Supply Ltd. proudly supplies, repairs and services quality pump products from the world’s leading pump manufacturers.

Floats, Alarms and Accessories

Keeping your property dry is our priority. London Pump Supply Ltd.’s inventory contains a wide range of indoor or outdoor control panels, floats, high water alarms, junction boxes, check valves and fittings for your residential and light industrial sump pump and sewer pump applications.

Some of the products we carry in our vast inventory include:


We stock a large selection of floats for sump and sewage applications ensuring that your pump will be activated as the liquid level rises. Our float switches are designed to work in non-potable water and sewage applications and our vast inventory includes:

  • 10’ – 50’ floats; piggy-back style floats for easy installation with most applications. These are available in pump down or pump up applications.
  • Vertical float switches designed to work in applications where space is limited. These switches feature:
    • Heavy duty contacts
    • Mounting bracket and hose clamp attachments
    • Adjustable pumping range of .75 to 6.5 inches
    • Five year warranty

Check valves

Check valves are an important part of your sump or sewage system as the stop wastewater from flowing back into the basin. When these valves shut, they can make a loud noise that can often be heard throughout the house. To stop this problem, we recommend the installation of quiet check valves or “soft close” check valves. We sell them in 1 ½ – 3” models.

Floats and Accessories

Tank Alert XT indoor/outdoor tank alarm

Tank Alert XT alarm, manufactured by SJE Rhombus, provides audio/visual warning of potential threatening liquid level conditions in sump pump basins, holding tanks, sewage, agriculture and other non-potable water applications.

Features include:

  • Automatic alarm reset
  • Horn silence switch and alarm test switch
  • Alarm system (when installed on a separate circuit) operates even if pump circuit fails

APak indoor system

The APak indoor alarm system manufactured by the Zoeller Pump Company is compact and easy to install. The alarm system sounds a horn when a potentially threatening liquid level condition occurs.

Features of this system include:

  • NEMA 1 enclosure
  • High water and low battery LED and alarm
  • Silence/reset button
  • Power supply with 6 ft cord