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Crane Pumps

An internationally-recognized manufacturer, Crane Pumps & Systems offers solutions across a range of markets, including municipal, industrial, commercial, military and residential.

Crane develops quality pumps, pump accessories and related services, and they provide specialty pumps by Burks, Barnes, Crown, Deming, Prosser and Weinman.

CrownBarnesBurks Pumps




An esteemed world leader in water technology, Xylem Inc. offers an extensive portfolio of products and services for water and wastewater applications. Xylem Inc’s range of offerings are intended to assist at every stage of the water cycle, whether it be the collection, management, distribution or returning it back to the environment.

Xylem’s product lines for specialty pumps include:

Bell & Gossett, Flojet, G&L, Goulds, Jabsco, Marlow, McDonnell & Miller



Pentair PLC is a respected manufacturer of leading products, solutions and services related to water and other fluid management, thermal management as well as equipment protection.

Pentair PLC produces a number of specialty pumps under the following lines: Aurora, Clarkson, Fairbanks NijHuis, Hydromatic, Hypro, Jung Pumpen, Myers, Nocchi, Shurflo and Sta-Rite.



Grindex manufacturers a dependable offering of drainage, sludge and slurry pumps for reliable performance in demanding applications, including mining, heavy industry and construction.


LMI - Milton Roy

Known for their wide-ranging line of ph/ORP Controllers, chemical metering pumps and related products, LMI (Milton Roy)’s offerings meet a range of needs for water and wastewater treatment industries. They produce both motor-driven and electronic pumps that offer flow proportional applications as well as optional liquid handling configures that adeptly manage slurries and high viscosity chemicals.


Liberty Pumps

A North American company, Liberty Pumps develops pumps well-suited for professional applications. Their range of pumps include sump, sewage, grinder, effluent, utility and condensate pumps.


Oberdorfer Pumps

Oberdorfer Pumps is a highly reputable producer of a range of quality pumps: from the durable CHEMSTEEL™ pumps line, to their gear pumps, to our selection of centrifugal and flexible impeller pumps. With manufacturing in North America, each and every Oberdorfer™ product is meticulously crafted with the same quality and attention to detail, across all their applications, whether agricultural, marine or chemical processing.



Made by Pulsafeeder, the PULSAtron family of pumps is the industry standard with the renowned Degas Five Function Valve. PULSAtron pumps are equipped to manage an array of gaseous solutions. There are seven unique series of PULSAtron’s pumps with 78 flow and pressure envelops to choose from, ensuring the ability of the selected PULSAtron pump to meet your precise needs.



Designed with marine applications in mind, SHURflo pumps integrate advanced motor technology whose features include thermal overload protection. Easy to install, self-priming and exceptionally versatile, SHURflo pumps are ideal for a number of different uses, such as oil changing, winterizing, refrigeration cold place circulation and liquid transfer.


Stenner Pumps

Stenner Pumps is a manufacturer of peristaltic pumps utilized to reliably and accurately dose liquid solutions for many different purposes, including pH adjustment, animal health, disinfection, corrosion and scale control and iron stain removal, to name a few. Stenner produces a range of options in their pump line, including 7day/24hr timer, flow activated, variable speed, OEM, 1:128 medicators and electromechanical pumps. Select from their compact or robust pumps or use a pre-packaged tank or meter system to treat problematic water or insert additives to an industrial process or water system.


Scot Pump

The O.E.M. manufacturer Scot Pump produces specialized single stage end suction centrifugal pumps. Extending from ¾’’ to 12’’, their pumps are 1/3 through 150HP motors and offer marine, washer and military applications. Pumps manufactured by Scot Pump are produced to the most exact specifications and are renowned for their resilience. In particular, the vertical sealless pump provides superior resistance against demanding ambient conditions and the corrosive liquids that are often present in most washer applications.


Viking Pumps

Viking Pumpsprovides a specialized range of rotary positive displacement pumps, including internal gear, external gear, rotary vane and industrial lobe. These pumps displaced a pre-determined amount of liquid with every one of the pump’s revolution through moving the liquid between a stationary casing and the pump elements.



A world leader in manufacturing pumps and related services that are useful for the global infrastructure and process industries, Flowserve is renowned for its critical role in the international oil and gas, power generation, hydrocarbon and chemical processing and water resources industries along with the general process and industrial sectors. Flowserve develops centrifugal, positive displacement and specialty pumps and systems and their manufacturing also serves the following brands: Sihi vacuum pumps and Worthington pumps.



Aquascape produces a comprehensive range of energy efficient water pond pump options developed for all applications related to water gardening. Aquascape’s products include Tsurumi submersible pumps, magnetic drive units, and statuary pumps.


MP Pumps

MP Pumps Inc. is a high quality producer of centrifugal pumps and has been manufacturing pumps for industrial, agricultural, marine, military and transportation applications for 70 years.

The MP Pumps Inc. family also include the following brands and products: Flomax® self priming pumps, Tempuflo hot oil pumps, and Chemflo® stainless steel end suction pumps. In addition, this producer offers a broad selection of additional products related to professional fluid handling.



Formulated for consumer, commercial and industrial applications, Comet Spa pumps are Italian-made high pressure plunger pumps. Comet Spa also produces other brands, such as the HPP line of plunger pumps.



For over 40 years, Koshin Pumps has produced the highest quality water pumps available, suitable for use with clear, dirty or seawater. In addition, they also manufacture trash, diaphragm, high pressure and submersible pumps.



Beckett Pumps are renowned for their heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and condensate/waste water removal applications. In addition, these well-constructed pumps can be relied upon for the removal of waste water from drinking fountains, dehumidifiers, water coolers, ice makers, furnaces, refrigeration, computer room A/C equipment, along with many additional applications.



Utilized across thousands of applications across the globe, Gast pumps’ rotary vane vacuum pumps are developed for versatility and provide an expansive range of capabilities. Available in oilless, lubricated, motor-mounted, and separate drive styles, Gast pumps also provides oilless rocking piston vacuum pumps, designed and crafted with corrosion-resistant components for their critical internal parts to endure the most demanding operating conditions.


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