The importance of regular maintenance of your pump seals

Regular maintenance is an important aspect for making sure your pump stays in good working order. A part of the regular maintenance of any pump includes a thorough inspection of the pump seals. Pump seals are an integral component of any pump, and have a wide variety of configurations and components. They are durable, but exposure to certain elements can have a detrimental effect on their quality and performance. For instance, if a pump is overheating, the rise in temperature can cause a deterioration of the seal. A similar situation can occur if the pump seal is exposed to contaminated substances. Even if the pump is creating friction or vibrations, it can adversely affect the pump seal.

These are just a few examples of why regular maintenance of your pump is so important. A number of these issues could go unnoticed until the pump seal is completely worn out. Pump seals will eventually wear out over time, but there are a lot of adjustments and tuning that can be performed to optimize the performance of the pump and preserve the life of the pump seal.

Like the entire pump unit, mechanical pump seals also have to undergo regular maintenance in order to remain in optimal working condition. Preventive maintenance is much more effective rather than waiting until such a time as that the pump seal has completely worn down. Like with many things, addressing smaller issues as they arise is much more efficient and cost-effective, instead of having to replace major parts or components as a result of not tending to a small issue early on.

The main objective of preventive maintenance is to run regular testing in order to identify and adjust any aspects of the system that are not functioning properly. This method features the inspection, detection and then correction of these issues as a means of preventing future faults or failure of the system. All of your maintenance services should be recorded and kept on file in order to keep track of your pump system’s history.

Early detection of problems that may potentially turn into more serious issues is left unaddressed is essential. Many times a small adjustment or fine tuning of your pump seal can greatly extend the life and operation of your pump. The cost of regular maintenance is small in comparison to the high cost of larger repairs. Like anything, if you catch something early on, it’s easier (and less costly) to fix before it becomes a bigger problem.

A pump seal may seem like small piece of the larger system, but its function should not be underestimated. It plays an integral role in the operation of the pump itself, controlling any fluid that moves in and out of the pump.

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