What size pressure tank is best for your well?

Whether you are installing a new well or upgrading your current pressure tank, taking the time to calculate the best size of pressure tank for your well will ensure that your pump performance is optimized and sustained for as long as possible. There’s a reason that pressure tanks come in many different sizes, and it has to do with the fact that every situation is unique and demands for water pressure tanks will vary significantly based on your location, depth of well, type of pump, along with the desired usage for your water.

In order to properly evaluate the optimal size of your pressure tank, you want to be sure that the pressure tank requirements of the well are being met, as a different size will drastically alter the performance of the water delivery process. If the well has a smaller capacity, it is going to affect how a pressure tank works, but this also depends on the system requirements for end use. If the water demand needs are high, there are specific pressure tank models that are offered in order to ensure that that the water delivery and output is maximized even with a well or pump that isn’t necessarily designed for high output.

Most pressure tanks are evaluated by their draw-down capacity, which is how much water can be kept in the tank before the pressure is at a point low enough to turn the pump on again. Naturally, the larger the pressure tank is in size, the more water it can hold without re-engaging on the pump. This means that peak system demands will largely depend on usage needs to ensure that your pump, electric motor and pressure tank are not in overdrive to meet your demands.

The proper calculation for a pressure tank size is primarily based on the water pump’s GPM (gallon per minute) capacity, which is provided by the manufacturers based on size. With this information in mind, it is easy to check with your pressure tank supplier to ensure that you are selecting one which meets not only your pump performance, but also your operational needs. Properly sizing a water pressure tank ensures that the run time on the water pump is kept at a minimum. A larger pressure tank can often be a good way to extend the life of your pump and electric motor, provided that you have enough space to accommodate a larger tank and where the flooring can hold the additional weight.

We carry pre-pressurized water tanks, like Well-Rite Tanks by Flexcon Industries, which are widely considered to be the industry standard, and they have an online calculator to help you determine the proper sizing. Contact us if you have questions about why we stand behind the Well-Rite brand or if you need some advice on selecting the best water tank for your application.