Sewage Pumps

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Sewage Pumps

London Pump Supply Ltd. stocks many makes and models of sewage pumps. Our large selection of suppliers ensures that we can order any pump to meet your specific requirements. Here is a description of some of the sewage pumps we carry:

Little Giant (Proven) pump model BSWC50T

Sewage Pumps London

Proven pumps are a perfect economical choice for household or light commercial sewage and effluent applications. They are manufactured by Franklin Electric/Little Giant a leading global provider of systems and components for moving water for over 75 years.

These pumps have a heavy duty, cast iron construction with dual, heavy duty ball bearings and are capable of passing 2” diameter semi-solids. They also utilize a cast iron, vortex style impeller which is superior compared to what is typically offered in sewage pumps sold by big box retailers. The impeller rotates and causes a tornado-like action that pulls the waste into the pump quickly and propels it into the discharge pipe with little or no contact with the impeller. This lack of contact ensures less of a chance to clog the impeller and the vortex design minimizes problems encountered with stringy sewage material.

This pump features:

  • 1/2 HP, 115/120V
  • 2” discharge
  • Cast iron, rugged construction ensures long operational life
  • Cast Iron vortex style impeller
  • Clog resistant design capable of passing 2” diameter solids
  • Dual bearing motor with overload protection
  • 10 ft. power cord
  • Includes a piggyback tethered float switch
  • Heads up to 22 ft.
  • Flows up to 90 GPM
  • Complete with a 2 year warranty through London Pump Supply Ltd.


Goulds WS_B Series

Sewage Pumps London

For more demanding or light commercial applications, we carry the Goulds WS_B series.

The Goulds WS_B series submersible sewage pumps are designed for a variety of typical septic tank, sewage and dewatering applications including residential, farms, trailer courts, motels, schools, hospitals, flood and pollution control, parking lot pits and various light industrial applications.

The benefits and features of this pump include:

  • 1/2 HP, 115/120V or 220/230V available
  • 2” discharge (3” optional)
  • Cast iron, rugged construction ensures long operational life
  • Cast iron, non-clogging semi-open impeller
  • 2” solids handling
  • Silicone carbide vs silicone carbide sealing faces provide superior abrasive resistance
  • Designed for continuous operation when fully submerged
  • 20 ft. power cord
  • Larger HP pumps available for more demanding lift/head or GPM requirements.
  • 3 year warranty available for residential applications.


Little Giant Simplex System

Sewage Pumps London

The Little Giant sewage pump and tank package is an excellent solution for homes where the plumbing system sits below grade and needs to be pumped up to municipal sewer or septic tank.

This system is completely pre-assembled making installation as easy as inserting the system under grade and connecting the inlet piping and discharge piping. Maintenance is easy as well since the unit has separate access covers for the float assembly and the pump. With these separate ports, pulling either the float or the pump will provide for easier troubleshooting and minimize exposure to the tank contents.

This unit features:

  • 24” X 24” roto-molded polyethylene, ribbed basin designed for extra strength
  • Separate pump and switch access covers allowing access to the pump and/or switch independently
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish cover and pump access cover for secure sealing
  • Comes pre-assembled with lid, discharge pipes and wire connections
  • Includes 4/10 HP Little Giant cast iron, epoxy coated sewage pump


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