What are the different types of well pumps available?

Well pumps have come a long way since the one in this photo, and there are a wide range of pump sizes, types, and models when it comes to determining which pump is best to suit your needs. Generally speaking, however, when looking for a well pump, you are likely looking at either a jet pump for shallow or deep well purposes or a submersible pump for a deep well. We are proud to carry one of the largest inventories of pumps and parts in Southwestern Ontario, and you can view our shallow well and deep well pumps by clicking here. We can ship anywhere, so even if you find yourself in Hamilton, Mississauga, Ottawa, or even Nova Scotia, you have access to our large inventory through convenient shipping.

Jet pumps can be installed in wells up to 150 feet, depending on the elevation. A jet pump uses one or more impellers and diffusers along with a jet ejector, which helps increase the discharge pressure, suction, and speed of the water motion, as opposed to a simple centrifugal pump. A shallow well jet pump is generally effective for a lift less than 18 ft. (although depending on the elevation, can be used for a shallow well that is up to 25 ft. deep) and for a situation with these specifics, it can be advantageous as its mechanical structure is relatively straight-forward and tends to need less maintenance. Although they tend to be less expensive than other types of well pumps, their efficiency is limited in the event that the depth of the well becomes too deep. A deep well jet pump is typically recommended for wells between 22 to 120 feet or when more pressure is required for a shallower well.

When a lift is greater than 80 ft., a submersible pump may be a better option. There are occasions when a well is too deep to consider a jet pump installation, and a deep well submersible pump is used for these situations. Submersible pumps can be used for a range of different purposes and applications. In addition to placement water wells and oil wells, these pumps can be used for sewage treatment, firefighting, offshore drilling rigs, irrigation systems, groundwater pumping, seawater processing, and general industrial pumping.

The electric motor for a deep well submersible pump (sometimes referred to a sub pump or electric submersible pump) is hermetically sealed motor to ensure that the electric motor is airtight and highly resistant to water leaks.

The main difference in function between a jet pump and a submersible pump is that, while a jet pump pulls the water, a submersible pump pushes the water upward. Because of the energy that is required to pull liquid rather than push upward, submersible pumps tend to be more efficient in use, which is part of the reason why they are selected when the well is quite deep or if there is a notable separation in the elevation between the pump and the water level.

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